New shows announced

Just added some new shows to the calendar! We’re playing 12/6 at the Dirty Pelican, a benefit with a bunch of other great bands at Alice Cooperstown on 12/12, The Blooze on 12/26, and Sage and Sand 3/4/15, 7/4/15, and 9/5/15. And of course, we still have a huge gig coming up at Harrah’s Ak-Chin in Maricopa, AZ on 11/26, so make sure to come out to that if you can!

Achilles Last Stand/Song Requests

Just finished learning Achilles Last Stand and we’ve played it at a few shows. We currently have 48 songs in our songlist (about 5 hours of material!) that are TIGHT. We’ve got a bunch more on the dock, and chances are at least one of us knows the majority of the rest of the material.

If there are any songs that you’d like us to learn or play at a specific show, LET US KNOW. Yelling your request at us onstage is not helpful, but if you contact us beforehand or in-between sets, we’ll do what we can to play your favorite Led Zeppelin tune. Use our contact page to see if your favorite song is something we know how to play. Obviously, with 48 songs under our belt, chances are that we know the song.