New videos up

We have new videos up on the videos page–full performances of Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love from Desert Ridge as well as a bunch of clips from other songs from that show. Check it out!

New photos up?

Nope. No new photos up. Just rearranged/reorganized and looking great. Check out the update photo section.

We have a show tomorrow night at The Blooze. Come see the show! 9PM $5 cover.

New live recordings up on our song page!

We have about 12 new recordings we’ve posted on our new “Songs” page. Click on it at the top of our webpage and here some of our live recordings. We have about 30 or 40 other songs we rotate live, so check out our list of shows on the sidebar and come see us live. Also, this Monday, August 3rd, if you’re in the Phoenix area, watch us on 3TV from 6 AM to 10 AM!